Retailers learned their lesson following 2008 crash that controlling inventory became key to improving sales. What they did not count on was a continuing decline, not only in the purchasing power of consumers, but also the on-going decline of the middle class that began in 1980 and continues today.

Food always has been competitive with [...]

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The online shopping networks traditionally selling kitchenware and household items to homemakers have evolved into a source of designer runway fashion at bargain prices.  What is even more remarkable MarkdownMom has found over the years is that many fashion trends are available online ahead of mainstream brick and mortar stores.  For instance, MarkdownMom began [...]

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Calling all ebook readers!  Amazon has debuted its’ new online monthly book club, kindle unlimited.  For $9.99 a month (30 days free trial) you get:

Unlimited number of selected ebooks each month, exclusive titles by best selling authors.  Over 600,000 titles, news releases may not be available.  Thousands of audiobooks.  Children books [...]

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Easy Spirit is having A One Day Only Mystery Sale  and what a deal it is!  For those of us who have had to choose comfort over style when looking for shoes–you know, us Crocs Ladies (come on, Crocs are wunderbar, but sometimes you need a change).  At Easy Spirit you can [...]

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Summer customarily has been a time of plenty and ease when we treat ourselves to relaxation in the sun, lazy days, and all that wonderful fresh, seasonal food!  Okay, so during this time of bounty, at the beginning of the harvest season, why are consumers paying more, but filling fewer grocery bags?

Well, several factors [...]

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How many times do we find that hot new cosmetic  in the magazines, only to discover that we can’t get it at our local department store counter.  Oh sure, it’s online, but you have to pay shipping, oftentimes pricey for such a small item, to be ahead of the crowd.  Now for one week [...]

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Finds at flea markets, thrift stores, or backyard sales don’t have to be antiques to have value.  Designers today have found that there is money in thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to old things.  HGTV is replete with repurposing, achieving that quirky artisan look, that corner that lends interest to a room, the je ne [...]

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Flower Zoom-In Twist 3 in 1 Mascara lengthens, curls and thickens all-in-one with  Intense Black color!

Whether you have thin or thick eyelashes, this wand adjusts to your needs.  Apply 1 coat or 3 coats, no clumping, and waterproof so it won’t bleed down during the day to give you that “panda” [...]

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As most of the nation lies sweltering in heat, MarkdownMom’s trip to San Francisco was a refreshing reminder of the ocean breeze of the Pacific that comes in the early evening to cool things down.

Another “cool” place this year is St.Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Last winter the polar vortex was raising havoc, but this summer with [...]

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Are You A Shnooper Yet?

On July 15, 2014 By

Well, if you aren’t a Shnooper yet, you should be!  Hot new daily deal site. Yesterday, MarkdownMom scored the newest concealer by It Cosmetics, namely their Bye Bye Under Eye waterproof, cream concealer for about half of the price offered by a popular shopping network!  Today’s  Deal is 20 pairs of Continue Reading

Did You Know???

On July 14, 2014 By

So many deals, so little time.  Many of the high-end retail stores have developed their own “deal” sites where they are able to sell their out-of-season merchandise, odds & ends, or slow moving items.  For instance:

Nordstrom has Nordstrom Rack and Haute Look

Neiman Marcus has Last Call Continue Reading

Wipe New Coupon

On September 4, 2012 By

WIPE NEW is the a very popular infomercial right now. Wipe New is a finish for your car that lasts longer than other products. Below you will read a tutorial on how to use Wipe New. I’ve also included a coupon below — if you buy one you will get one free. Just [...]

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Another high-end fashion store bites the dust in Minnesota, guess that Minnesota Nice doesn’t respond well to high prices!  Well, like any store closing, it spells opportunity for bargain hunters.  The Minneapolis Neiman Marcus store is the store you recall got a lot of free advertising during the 2008 presidential campaign: It was where [...]

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More and more high-end designers are adding a “sale“ category to their online sites.  Kate Spade of New York is having a sale on purses, jewelry,  shoes, and apparel.  Now items are limited and even 50% off can still be pricey, but if you want the designer look at a savings, now is [...]

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Recently MarkdownMom was in San Francisco and while bargain shopping in  the Westfied Mall walked into a super sale at the Betsey Johnson Store thinking that this was a singular store closing–au contraire.  Betsey Johnson has had to file for bankruptcy; the silver lining is that she will continue as creative director [...]

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Gordmans has come to Roseville, Minnesota and for bargain hunters this is an opportunity to save more on gourmet coffee, Rachael Ray cookware, designer shoes from DSW, handbags from Ralph Lauren and Nicole, Burberry perfume, apparel, furniture accessories and more at 60% savings.  Plus MarkdownMom says save more by going to their online site [...]

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Here’s a present for all the mothers!  Spiegel® Super Sale results in tremendous buys.   An automatic 80% is taken off already drastically reduced items.  For instance, Spiegel Signature brand of eau de toilette, 3.4 oz., reg. $49 is markdown to $10, and when added to your cart is furthered reduced by an additional [...]

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60 Days Free BJs

On March 25, 2012 By

Here is a coupon for a free 60-day membership to BJs Warehouse Membership Club:


BJs has a WIDE selection of organic foods. Because they are a wholesale club — you can save money over the course of the year if you buy organics in bulk. Also, they are the only membership club to accept [...]

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