Is Kindle Unlimited The New Netflix For Books???

Calling all ebook readers!  Amazon has debuted its’ new online monthly book club, kindle unlimited.  For $9.99 a month (30 days free trial) you get:

  • Unlimited number of selected ebooks each month, exclusive titles by best selling authors.
  •  Over 600,000 titles, news releases may not be available.
  •  Thousands of audiobooks.
  •  Children books with parental controls.
  • Whisper Sync, a narrated ebook version, that allows the reader to switch from a narrating  professional reader to text and back again, is available on select titles.

MarkdowMom says for book lovers, it doesn’t get better than this and with a month’s free trial, what’s stopping you?



Deal of the Day-Easy Savings!

Easy Spirit is having A One Day Only Mystery Sale  and what a deal it is!  For those of us who have had to choose comfort over style when looking for shoes–you know, us Crocs Ladies (come on, Crocs are wunderbar, but sometimes you need a change).  At Easy Spirit you can find fabulous shoes up to size 12W!  And today only, on a limited selection, you get an extra 25% off! (taken at checkout).

MarkdownMom found this terrific snakeskin Hartley Wedge (plus other colors) reg.$79, on sale for $29.99 plus an extra 25% off with a final price $22.49 around 70% off.  Shipping is $5, but free with a $50 purchase.

Let your fingers do the running  to score this deal!!!


Size Is Important-The Ongoing Grocery Wars Part 1

Summer customarily has been a time of plenty and ease when we treat ourselves to relaxation in the sun, lazy days, and all that wonderful fresh, seasonal food!  Okay, so during this time of bounty, at the beginning of the harvest season, why are consumers paying more, but filling fewer grocery bags?

Well, several factors are at play here and one represents a significant change by manufacturers of our food that has required a major investment by them in retooling their factories and may signify a continued slow economy for some time to come.  Employing a merchandising trompe l’oeil, a fooling of the eye, manufacturers have kept prices down by reducing the contents of the individual item. Actually, this was done purposely to hide price increases since this is an inflationary action with the consumer paying the same or more,  but getting less.  Over time, this smaller sized product was incorporated into the inventory, but now every item stocked is the smaller size.  MarkdownMom recently visited WalMart and the shelves are shockingly full, row by row, with these miniature cans.

Additionally, packaged goods have reduced weights and less items included.  For instance, the consumer will pay the same price for an item as before–a good deal, right?  But instead of getting, 6 items in the package, there are only 4; instead of a dozen, there are 10.  Do the math, that’s an inflationary rate over 10%.   Meanwhile, the average consumers pay has stagnated after a steady decline beginning in the 1980’s.

It’s hard to say when this incredible, edible shrinkage will stop.  The only thing the consumer has in common with the food industry is that the $1 is worth less as well.

Pulp Fiction At Urban Decay-Plus A Week Of Free Shipping!!!

How many times do we find that hot new cosmetic  in the magazines, only to discover that we can’t get it at our local department store counter.  Oh sure, it’s online, but you have to pay shipping, oftentimes pricey for such a small item, to be ahead of the crowd.  Now for one week only Urban Decay is offering free shipping on all its’ products!

MarkdownMom especially likes  Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Eye Palette for $34 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the movie and its’ lead lady character, Mrs.Mia Wallace.  This palette is a basic must for achieving that sultry look of hers.

Hurry this is a limited edition and free shipping only lasts one week!

Repurposing: When Old Is New Again

Finds at flea markets, thrift stores, or backyard sales don’t have to be antiques to have value.  Designers today have found that there is money in thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to old things.  HGTV is replete with repurposing, achieving that quirky artisan look, that corner that lends interest to a room, the je ne sais quoi item that draws attention by using “old junk.”

A new development in finding these objects is the rise of retailers to include these one-of-a-kind items for sale online.  For example,, Haute Look, an outlet for Nordstrom, has  new category labeled “Authentic Vintage Curiosities & Beyond.”  Here you will find old shipping boxes with faded manufacturers names or advertising that lend themselves for storage & organization, colored bowling pins to keep stacks of books in line, or a french gymnast bar for your exercise room, just to name a few.

Another retailer dedicated to a certain style, Napastyle, has a new spin-off Barn Door, advertised as a site for  one-of-a- kind finds & deals, so you know you are dealing with limited supplies of any item.  Napastyle first started bringing in collectibles from Europe a couple of years ago where there was a plentiful supply, and now this new site has expanded to include vintage, rare, deals, and even a “Final Markdown” category that span American eras such as early homestead, depression, to mid-century. Vintage tins, furniture, and home accessories such as scales and more are part of their inventory.

You must know your antiques and collectibles to find a bargain, but these sites are good to find a particular item to complete your collection or for us bargain hunters, this is another reference point to find what is popular, or the retail prices of what we currently own.

Eyes That Go ‘Zoom, Zoom!’

Flower Zoom-In Twist 3 in 1 Mascara lengthens, curls and thickens all-in-one with  Intense Black color!

Whether you have thin or thick eyelashes, this wand adjusts to your needs.  Apply 1 coat or 3 coats, no clumping, and waterproof so it won’t bleed down during the day to give you that “panda” look.

MarkdownMom says this is a high-end product at a bargain price!  Best price Walmart $7.98.  Also can be ordered at









If You Go To San Francisco, Be Sure To Wear~A Jacket!

As most of the nation lies sweltering in heat, MarkdownMom’s trip to San Francisco was a refreshing reminder of the ocean breeze of the Pacific that comes in the early evening to cool things down.

Another “cool” place this year is St.Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Last winter the polar vortex was raising havoc, but this summer with its’ return, spells nothing short of comfortable.  Visitors to the All Star Game from California and Florida really enjoyed the temperature change.  And if you want to experience traditional San Francisco weather, head 135 miles north to Duluth, Minnesota to experience the Northland’s San Francisco on the great inland sea, Lake Superior.  But don’t forget to wear your jacket; last night it was in the 40’s there!

Are You A Shnooper Yet?

Well, if you aren’t a Shnooper yet, you should be!  Hot new daily deal site. Yesterday, MarkdownMom scored the newest concealer by It Cosmetics, namely their Bye Bye Under Eye waterproof, cream concealer for about half of the price offered by a popular shopping network!  Today’s  Deal is 20 pairs of Faded Glory Infant Boy Sox SIZES 0-18 mos.  for $10 and Free Shipping!  But hurry,if you want to scoop the shnoop, remember  these are timed sales.

Did You Know???

So many deals, so little time.  Many of the high-end retail stores have developed their own “deal” sites where they are able to sell their out-of-season merchandise, odds & ends, or slow moving items.  For instance:

Nordstrom has Nordstrom Rack and Haute Look

Neiman Marcus has Last CallPreview

Sak’s has Off Saks Fifth

But did you know that for the larger deals shop the “Clearance” or “Sale” categories within these sites?  Even discounters such as Groupon have a clearance section where the deals may only fit  a select few, but they are tremendous.  Also MarkdownMom recommends that you take advantage of further discounts by waiting for their additional promotional discounts or the Last Call Dash and Daily Deal at Neiman Marcus Last Call held at various times during the day.  But MarkdownMom warns it’s important to know the lowest price offered by these sites since promotional discounts are sometimes taken on a previous higher price and not necessarily reflect the lowest price you could have bought this item.

Wipe New Coupon

WIPE NEW is the a very popular infomercial right now. Wipe New is a finish for your car that lasts longer than other products. Below you will read a tutorial on how to use Wipe New. I’ve also included a coupon below — if you buy one you will get one free. Just click the image below to activate and it will be automatically applied.

Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free:

Tutorial Videos: Applied Wipe New to the engine bay, interior, and exterior paint of a 1998 Mazda Miata. We restored the car to like-new condition. This series of videos will help illustrate how you can achieve the same for your car using Wipe New. Stop re-applying product to keep your vehicle looking new!



Exterior Pain/ Advanced Uses/Professionals:

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