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Consignment shops are a wonderful source for stylish clothing at bargain prices.  They are resources for both buyers and sellers since they serve both clientele equally well.  Here is a thumbnail sketch of one local consignment shop which represents the opportunities for bargain hunters to obtain real savings.

Background.  My Sister’s Closet is locally [...]

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Although McCoy has manufactured this line from the 1940′s to 1970′s,  Floraline became commercially popular in the 1960′s for McCoy with the floral industry.  The molds were simple in design and were produced for companies such as FTD and Teleflora. 

Colors were limited to the popular white and green. Although you can find character pieces and artisan [...]

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Tip 11 – Yes, Virginia, Thrift Stores Have Markdowns

Large thrift stores will go through their merchandise just like any other retail stores, especially antiques and collectibles. Usually the reasons for markdowns on these objects are (1) overpricing, (2) a flaw, or (3) unpopular. Some thrift stores will price merchandise using antique guide books rather [...]

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Tip 6 Financing your purchases.

Ten years ago, some thrift stores allowed you to buy merchandise, usually large pieces of furniture, on lay-by; if you know of any that still do, please let MDM now. This was changed to a policy that accepted a deposit to hold the merchandise, or in some stores, issuance of [...]

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In each city and small town there is usually a thrift store or secondhand store. These stores run the gamut of merchandise. Clothing usually occupies the majority of the floor space; however, other items can include antiques, jewelry, housewares, furniture, tools, electronics, books, toys, department store markdowns [...]

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