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Thift stores are not only places to find deals on a whole potpourri of items, but if you take the time, is a wonderful environment to explore items of the past. 

Recently MDM was visiting one of her favorite thrift stores when she came across this unusual piece of machinery.  Although gilded, it was [...]

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The Barnes & Noble store is a feast for the mind and spirit.  Travel to distant lands, sleuth along with the author and solve a complex mystery, learn a new craft, or just quench your intellectual thirst.  And now do it with an extra 15% off, instore or online.  For online use code H9A4U7J or print [...]

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Remember all those goodies on PBS like movies, special investigations by Frontline, books, cooking recipes, and more?  One stop shopping, no more reaching for pen and paper only to miss the reference on the tv.    Purchase them by going to their online store to see the offerings by PBS .  Additionally you can save an extra $10 on purchases [...]

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Through Saturday, as reported in the Madison State Journal, the University of Wisconsin at Madision will be selling 15,000 used books at its Memorial Library.  This is a semi-annual sale of books donated from faculty, staff, students and friends and is an amazing, eclectic collection. 

 Last year, Japanese comic books were a hot [...]

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The array of colors, the smells of flowers, tacos, and lavender soap tantalize the senses.    The bustle of open air markets so common in Europe is now part of the daily fare in many American cities.  The farmers market cuts out the middle person to bring fresh vegetables and other sundry items directly to the [...]

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Google Maps (aka Google Earth) is a software program that lets you see satellite images of the entire earth. I was certainly shocked to find a 220 foot alien like bug creature over the farms of Germany. (Click the image below to go to Google’s website and see for yourself).

  Screenshot [...]

Continue Reading offers free magazines to qualifying professionals or small business owners.  Offers are grouped in categories, so whether you are a cabinetmaker, graphic designer, or butcher there are trade publications offered to qualifying members absolutely free.  How can they do this, well through the sale of advertising in the respective publications.  These [...]

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It’s almost time once again to pack-up and prepare to return to campus.  Whether living in a dorm or in an apartment, MDM has found some low cost must haves for making that transition from home easier.

1.  Two Hot Looks In Desks

Target™ has a new [...]

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In MarkDown Mom’s previous post, 10 guidelines were described to win auctions on eBay ®. For the intrepid MarkDownMom blogger, why don’t you try your hand at selling? In order to sell items on eBay®, eBay® charges the seller approximately $3-$6 (money ranges depend on items for sale) for listings. To get started, look at the [...]

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More on iMac

On March 31, 2006 By

Exciting news is happening at Apple and multi-taskers should welcome the new products that the company has produced. 

Apple has come out with a 6.5" square and 2" small Mac Mini.  It has intel core in solo or duo mode.  It has a choice of 60 or 80 GB hard drive, [...]

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Another semester begins in the life of the college student and among the many necessary expenditures are class textbooks. Here are a few sources MDM recommends for finding bargain textbooks: Check the Campus Bookstore. Now you may be saying here, “dah-uh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.” However, the store does [...]

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