DIY Paint Chip Key Ring: A Decorating Must Have

Most interior designers obtain sets of free paint chips from paint companies in order to coordinate paint colors with window and floor coverings, furniture, and accessories.  A paint chip set is valued by interior designers and rarely given to individual customers by paint companies and only on "loan."  

 Although paint suppliers have individual samples of colors, inevitably MDM has found that you get home and you wish that you had a sample chip of a lighter or darker shade,  inspiration strikes you and you think of another color you would like to try, or you lost the samples somewhere between the supplier and home.  Well, don’t despair, MDM has found a way to make your own professional paint chip set.

1.  First Identify Your Favorite Paint Supplier.  There are many reasons for keeping with a product that you are familiar with especially when it comes to color, quality, and price.   If you are unsure of the quality or whether the color is true (matches precisely the color chip) so that what you see is what you get, have the paint store or dealer test the paint on blank sample. 

2.  Collect As Many Samples of the Paint Chips That You Can.  Some paint stores and dealers will have long narrow strips with shades of one color, others will have larger chips.  I prefer the larger chips since you can get a better idea of whether or not a color will work in different lights in a room.

3.  With a Punch Make a hole near the corner.  Not too close to the corner.  If you keep the samples for any length of time, you do not want them to tear through. 






 You can also reinforce the holes by purchasing  reinforcements in clear or white that are inexpensive such as the ones at 0ffice1000.

4.  Use a Large Ring To Organize Your Paint Samples.  This split ring can be purchased at any office supply store or department in various sizes.  You can organize your paint chips by color and it allows easy access to remove each chip individually–an advantage the professional sets usually do not have!


By making your own paint chip key ring you have an essential decorating item at your finger tips.  Portable, affordable, and invaluable for many of your decorating needs! 




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